1. The owner reserves the right to deny/admit entry.
  2. Minors must be under parents/adult supervision at all times.
  3. Nobody may bring domestic or wild animals into the farm.
  4. Fires can only be made in designated areas. Potential fires are a constant threat.
  5. Alcohol: No drink and drive.
  6. No littering.
  7. Nobody may gather firewood (on sale).
  8. All indigenous plants are protected. No plants may be removed or damaged in any way whatsoever.
  9. Nobody may affix a name, letter, symbol drawing or any mark whatsoever on any tree, rock, building, notice board or road.
  10. Nobody may tamper with or remove any geological, historical or archaeological material including clay, rocks and stones.
  11. Refuse, litter and other harmful objects or liquids may be thrown away in containers and places indicated for that purpose.
  12. The water of any damn and water-course may not be polluted. No harmful material, litter or refuse may be thrown or placed in such water
  13. No person may do anything or use any appliance in such a manner that it may be a disturbance to another person.
  14. Playing loud music is strictly prohibited (Focus is peace and quiet).
  15. Nobody may, unless authorised:
    1. Present any public entertainment.
    2. Collect money from the public
    3. Carry on trades
    4. Distribute any pamphlets, book, handbill or any other printed or written matter, or
    5. Hold or address any public meeting.
  16. Nobody may be present whilst under the influence of liquor or any other dependency producing drug.
  17. All the gates should be kept closed at all times.
  18. We reserve the right to search any vehicle without furnishing reasons and without a warrant

4x4 Academy & Eco-Route

  1. Only standard commercial 4x4 vehicles with low range allowed on Academy track and Eco-Route. The management reserves the right to determine if a vehicle qualifies.
  2. Maximum speed 20km/h.
  3. Vehicles may stay on tracks to ensure eco-friendly driving.
  4. All garbage must be removed from the Eco-Route by the driver.
  5. Preferable 2 vehicles to use tracks. (Special arrangement to be made for 1 vehicle - if a vehicle is stuck, retrieval cost will be charged).
  6. Quad bikes are not allowed.
  7. Follow GPS directions for the Eco-Route.
  8. Routes must be negotiated carfully on the rocky roads to prevent damage to the tyres on vehicles.
  9. The owner of 4x4@kungwini takes no responsibility for any damage to vehicles or injuries to any persons.
  10. All persons entering the premises do so at their own risk.
  11. All persons driving must have a valid driver's license.
  12. Learner's license holders must be accompanied by a person that has a valid license.
  13. No vehicles on tracks before 6am and after 6pm.**
  14. No spinning of wheels on tracks.
  15. To prevent erosion, vehicles must be in a low-range on tracks
  16. No swimming allowed in water-courses.

Note: **Special arrangement can be made for Night-driving at a extra cost.